#Microblog Monday 5: Imagination.


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I used to have an imagination that would run away from me with the slightest encouragement.

It would create dead bodies in the ladies room or in the lobby or in a shadowed conference room late at night, during busy season, when I spent more time at work than I did doing anything else – the death a product of a complicated web of fraud and corporate misdeeds which never seemed to be found in my audit work.

It would spin a sad tale of woe about the homeless guy sleeping in the park near the office.

It created an elaborate fantasy ideal of the family Jeff and I would have and how complete we’d feel when we had our two kids and really began the process of living, instead of waiting to our family to be complete.

Sadly, at some point during the past decade, my imagination just kind of took a vacation. Work and infertility and then exhaustion and parenting and got in the way. Creating stories – even just images in my head – stopped. And when I sat down to blog, I felt like the channel from my brain to the computer was rusted shut; a few things would trickle out, but they were recycled ideas and observations.

I thought my imagination had deserted me for more a more comfortable climate.

All that has changed in the last two months since I decided to start writing again.

All of a sudden, my mind is alive with a riot of plot twists, characters, sub plots, background, images, story ideas… they’re all in there, pushing and shoving, like a crush of people trying to get on the same train at the same time to get to work on time, careening into each other, running down the stairs screaming, wait! Wait for me!

It’s so much chaos that my one hour a day I can devote to writing turns sometimes turns into an exercise in sorting, where I try to file ideas into notebooks and “save for later” boxes in my head.

I hadn’t realized just how grey and boring my life was until my imagination started coloring it again.

And I am having SO much fun.

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6 Responses to #Microblog Monday 5: Imagination.

  1. Katherine A says:

    Glad that your imagination is back! It really makes life better. I miss mine when it disappears for a time, but writing is a great way to bring it back.

  2. JustHeather says:

    Love this post and so glad your imagination has found its way back to you!

  3. Mel says:

    Oh yes yes yes, that is exactly what it feels like — a too crowded train and all the ideas pushing against one another. Said perfectly.

    I’m glad you got your groove back.

  4. Deathstar says:

    Ah, your pilot light has been lit – may it never go out!

  5. Deborah says:

    This is so exciting!

  6. Ana says:

    This hits home. My imagination was a huge comfort & inspiration to me for many many years but lately it has abandoned me. I just can’t seem to let go enough to really allow that “color” back into my life. I even wrote about how I wanted to make time for daydreaming—in the hopes that my imagination would return if I gave it some space.
    I’m so happy that you’ve found yours again!!

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