MelaNOmore: For my friend JJ.

Many, many years ago, when I was a different me, I met a girl named JJ through the computer.

She was a blogger like me, and also struggling with infertility.

Blogging back in those days was also a whole lot different. It more like I had walked into a house of real women who were all like me; I remember reading other stories and feeling a little like I had fallen into a rabbit hole into a place I belonged. It wasn’t Pinterest and memes and lists.

It was just a way to connect.

It was in 2007, when we were in the midst what we knew would be our the last IVF cycle, she sent me this handmade gift, just because.


“Thorns and stings and those such things just make stronger our angel wings.”

I touched those angel wings almost every day when I was pregnant with Owen.

My friend JJ – Janel – now is battling Stage 3b Melanoma. She’s been fighting it now for 3 years. She wore her sunscreen. She didn’t go to tanning beds. Besides her remarkable generosity and concern for others, she is no different than me.

She’s had periods of “no evidence of disease,” followed by cancer reappearing in pockets of soft tissue around her body, requiring more surgery, more pain, more weight loss. Each day brings a new complication, a new worry. The fear is unending.

And the bills mount. Though she is fortunate enough to have insurance, she is now in a situation where she’s making decisions on which treatments they’ll pursue because of money.

That’s not okay.

I can’t take her cancer away, nor can I give her real fairy wings, but I CAN help her family with the thorns and stings of mounting debt – so she can warrior on and keep fighting her cancer.

Today, October 15, I am taking part in a Love Flash Mob for her, a part of a movement to help her set the debt account to zero so she and her family can begin the next fight to recover from these surgeries and strengthen her immune system to fight off cancer’s next punch.

Everyone is needed. Everyone is important. $20,000. One Day. Maximum Contribution per person: $25.

Please, let’s help her.

Click on the link in the sentence above or the picture below to donate. EVERY little bit helps, even if it’s $1.

If your generosity exceeds her need, she will donate the excess to another charity. After which she’ll spend the rest of her long and cancer free life, continuing to be the friend and person she’s always been in the world by being kind, sharing light, and proving that love does indeed have the last word.

Please consider helping my friend Janel. Let’s surround her with love today.


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  1. Turia says:

    Done. Wish it could be more, but wanted to help even a little.

  2. Bronwyn Joy says:

    Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Bronwyn Joy says:

    P.S. For anyone following – not too late to join in!

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