Microblog Monday #7: I Can Haz Kitten?


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I’m not sure what it is about October, but once a week for the past few weeks, I’ve found myself looking, quite seriously, looking for a kitten.

(I did this with a puppy a few years ago, too – in October I decided we were going to get a puppy. Thank goodness my friend D talked me out of THAT timing. Snow + house training = bad. I SO owe her.)

But I want a kitty. Enough that I’ve warned Jeff that there may be a day when he comes home and we have a new kitten for the house.

It’s a TERRIBLE idea, getting a kitten.


1. Our dog eats everything. I cannot fathom the issues we’d have with a litterbox.

2. The litterbox. Need I mention more?

3. Cat hair. EVERYWHERE.

4. Oh, and did I mention that we think Jeff might have an allergy to cats?

5. I happen to love that our dog does not sleep on the furniture. Cats, however, will.

6. Claws and scratching posts. And nail cutting.

7. We have a dog, and I have a rule: One animal at a time.

Still, though.

I want a little fluffy purring kitten. I want a crazy kitten who jumps out and attacks my ankles as I walk by. I want an insane kitten that will let me pet her for 6, maybe 7 pets, then turn on me and attack my hand. I want a warm purring bundle who smells WAY better than dog. I want a kitten who will cuddle with me on the couch every night, all warm and cute and snuggly.

So I’m writing it here… instead of searching out adoptable kittens on the internet.

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11 Responses to Microblog Monday #7: I Can Haz Kitten?

  1. Rain says:

    We have a dog, but sometime I long for a purring cat to sit in my lap. Sigh….

  2. Turia says:

    Get the kitten!

    I have told Q. for years that “Poppy wants a kitten”. Poppy being one of our two cats. She does not want a kitten. I, however, do.


  3. Mel says:

    I keep going through that feeling with a puppy despite having Truman. Then I think about waking up in the early morning to take the puppy on a walk or cleaning up accidents in the house or having to walk in the rain, and I lose the excitement. I want all of the good points of a dog with none of the bad points. Would probably not make me a good dog parent.

    So now the question hangs in the air… with Karen end up with a kitty? Will we open your blog one day and see a picture of a cat looking at us? Remember you old profile pic of the cat?

  4. Justine says:

    Meow. 🙂

    (I’m looking for a nanny. But not really. I’m also just writing it on the internet. But now maybe it will have to come true. 😉

  5. sharah says:

    Stop thinking about the kitten and instead imagine having a cat – it’s what stops me every time (works with puppies vs dogs, too).

  6. D says:

    Don’t do it!!! This is coming from someone with a dog and 2 cats. All of your reasons are very valid. Whilst we would never get rid of them, because they have been “members of the family” for more than 8 years, I have tried to adopt them both out to good homes several times (but sadly, no takers). A couple things to add to your list:

    -hairballs (sometimes in very odd places that you would never expect, thus dried and impossible to remove)
    -throw-up (see above notes)
    -furniture ruining (despite the several scratching posts and clipping)
    -crying/whining…all night
    -escaping anytime you open the door and aren’t paying attention
    -sneaking into and getting stuck in closets -then taking craps on your new clothes (has happened)
    -vet bills for unexplainable maladies
    -they live FOREVER!!!

    I could continue, but I won’t! 🙂

  7. SecondVoice says:

    Cats are the best! Give in!

    The line about the kitten attacking you after seven pets made me laugh. Have you perhaps met my cat in her grumpy moods?

  8. Well, cats are a lot easier pets to have than dogs!

  9. Brittny says:

    You have some valid concerns… however we have two cats and they are priceless. I often think they forget they are cats and not humans. One of them actually uses his “hands” to open drawers and cabinets!

  10. Norman says:

    AHHHH. When you find that kitten, you let me know – I WANT THAT KIND OF KITTEHHHHHH <3

  11. Becky says:

    I am a total dog person, but I completely understand the impulse to get a new family member. I keep asking my dog if he wants a sibling. I’m not sure who thinks I’m crazier– the dog or the husband.

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