#Microblog Mondays 10: Bitten By The Bug.


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O, Jeff and I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Manhattan this weekend.

It’s hard for me to describe how much I adore New York City. It feels like traveling to another world AND a homecoming, all in one. Walking around the city relaxes me in a way I don’t ever seem to manage in my real life when I’m home.

And always, always, I walk around the city, imagining what it would be like to live there.

(Of course, it helps that my aunt and uncle live in an apartment where you see this view from their couch.)


We’ve taken O there a few times, but somehow this visit seemed different. He seemed older, more aware of the surroundings. As we were driving in, O announced, I think I’m going to live here someday. In an apartment.

And yesterday, before we left, he said, I don’t think we should leave, Mom. I think we should move to New York.

(Mostly because he loved riding the subway. I’m pretty convinced that he would have been just as happy to ride the subway up and down the island as he was with all the sightseeing we did!)

For my part, I spent most of the weekend completely exhausted from too-late nights (and then too-early mornings, thanks to street noise and the early light).

But I love that he seems to love the city just as much as I do.

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9 Responses to #Microblog Mondays 10: Bitten By The Bug.

  1. D says:

    I feel the same way about Brooklyn! I am so jealous that my sister can just walk out her door and check out a new coffee shop, restaurant, or open-air market. I am not sure that I could deal with the constant noise, trash, and public transportation though. I would probably walk or run everywhere!

  2. Jen says:

    We left London so we could buy a house – I really miss it. It’s one of my dreams to visit New York one day and see how they compare! I love your description of how it feels to walk around a city you love, being a tiny part of it even if just for a short while.

  3. JustHeather says:

    Never been to NY, except for the inside of an airport. 😀 I think the city would be too big for me…My current town seemed huge when I first moved here 15 years ago. Now, I wouldn’t trade it for…almost anything.

  4. Justine says:

    What fun! Next time if you tell me you’re coming, I will come find you and take you somewhere for excellent coffee. 🙂

  5. Ana says:

    I feel that way about NYC too—I wish I’d lived there at some point in my adult life, if only for a little while (I was born there and moved right after I turned 5, I don’t remember anything). But where I live now truly truly feels like home, despite being utterly different from where I grew up. And we can pop to NYC for a weekend (and hopefully will start doing it again as the kids get older).

  6. Mel says:

    Ha — I get the exact opposite reaction to New York. We cross into the city and my body tenses. My shoulders are near my ears. My throat feels tight. And I feel that tension (and subsequent exhaustion) through the whole visit. I need a smaller city. D.C. Boston.

    Glad you had a wonderful trip. If he moves there, you’ll always have reason to visit.

  7. Mali says:

    I’ve been to NY for six hours. Rode on the subway and Staten Island ferry, and went up the WTC (back in 1997). I hope to get back. Soon!

  8. deathstar says:

    I fell in love with New York City in the 80s and then I got to go to school there for almost a year. One of my favourite destinations in the world!!!!

  9. loribeth says:

    Went to NYC for the first time last year (October 2013) on a chicks weekend with 8 (!) other girls (wrote about it in my blog). Not sure I could LIVE there (I definitely couldn’t AFFORD to live there…), but man, I want to go back. Soon. A long weekend was NOT enough time!

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