#MicroblogMondays: Look, Ma! No Training Wheels!


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O has been riding a too-small bike, with training wheels, for probably too long.

Thing is: we are big proponents of child-led learning. If Owen shows interest in something, Jeff and I will run with it. He is into space? We’ll explore books and movies and museums and play activities that are related to space.

Partly because it matches the way Jeff and I are: we geek out on something new and learn a ton about it, then move on to the next thing.

But also because we want Owen to develop his own love for things organically, without any real forcing from us, too.

Because Owen hasn’t really been INTO his bike very much – more interested in his scooter and sports and other activities – we haven’t spent any time pushing encouraging him to get rid of his training wheels.

Two weeks ago, though, he was at a friend’s house who wanted to ride bikes, and his only option to ride was one without training wheels. He did not participate.

And though it didn’t seem to outwardly bother him, Jeff and I were kind of bothered by it. Because, really, we just want our kid to be confident enough to have a CHOICE in whether or not he wants to participate in an activity.

So this weekend, we took his training wheels off his bike, even though he didn’t seem to be excited about the whole ordeal.

But check this out. Within minutes, he was zooming around our yard; down the driveway down the (two) stairs into the backyard. He had no issues with stopping and starting, and he mastered turning within the half hour. Even better, he spent most of Saturday AND Sunday riding his bike, and within minutes of waking up this morning, he asked if he could ride his bike.

And I am so glad Jeff and I made the decision to take the training wheels off his bike, even though he wasn’t the driving force behind it.

Have you ever made a decision for your child that wasn’t child-driven? How did it turn out?

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3 Responses to #MicroblogMondays: Look, Ma! No Training Wheels!

  1. JustHeather says:

    My boy is only 2yr 8mo, so many things have been parent-led so far, but we too try to let our boy choose things he is interested in and go with it. He has a bike, with training wheels. It’s been fun watching him get the hang of the whole thing. 🙂 Yay for O getting the hang of it so quickly!

  2. Turia says:

    E. has a balance bike. We bought it for him when he turned two. Now, two years later, he is finally figuring it out. He just wasn’t ready physically before, and he wasn’t motivated. We’ve learned with him that he will eventually ‘get’ gross motor things, but later than we would expect him to.

    Good on O. for getting it so quickly! He was definitely ready.

  3. Mel says:

    That is awesome that he ultimately taught himself. My mother taught the kids as a surprise for my birthday (or maybe it was Mother’s Day). We still had training wheels on at home, but she told me to go to this parking lot and she took out the bikes she keeps at her house, and they rode them for me. It was totally emotional seeing them take off.

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