Thoughts From The First Day of Second Grade.

[As we walk him into the school for the First Day Open House this morning]

I don’t understand.

Where has the time gone?

How is it possible he’s in second grade already?

He’s embarrassed to have parents. Already. I thought we had a few more years until he didn’t want to be seen with us.

Oh, good. His classroom is still at the back of the school.

His teacher is so nice.

Good, he’s got a few of his friends in class this year.

He’s going to be fine.

Okay, we should go.

He wants us to go, I can tell.

He’s going to be fine.

All right, we’ll go.

Be safe.

Learn a lot.

Have a great day.

I can’t believe you’re in second grade already.

Where did the time go?

second grade

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2 Responses to Thoughts From The First Day of Second Grade.

  1. Justine says:

    I don’t know, either. Mine started 4th grade today. It makes my heart hurt, both happy and sad.

  2. Kir says:

    It just doesn’t seem possible that our babies (BABIES), our sons, are all 2nd graders now.
    I just can’t seem to get past the disbelief of how fast time is moving along.

    He looks so cute, so tall and small all at once. HAVE A GREAT year buddy, hoping we get to Boston this year to meet you!

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