We’ll Never Be Royals.

Confession: I have kind of a thing for any and all media stories about Kate and William (and now George and Charlotte). It really started in 2011, when they got married. Because I was furious on their behalf about the “Baby Countdowns” that started then.

And then it was cemented she was pregnant and had to announce it to the world WAY sooner than  she probably was comfortable with – because she was being treated for hyperemesis  gravidarum at the hospital and the media got wind.

I held so much hope on her behalf that the pregnancy worked out and there didn’t have to be the awfulness of a public announcement if it didn’t. Thank goodness it worked out for her. Twice.

I am mostly fascinated with them, though, because they seem like completely normal people who are trying to fit their life within a completely ridiculous, archaic system run by a woman who is nearly 90.

I don’t mean to demean the Queen (TREASON!), but some of the palace’s alleged rules are pretty ridiculous.

Like the rule about pantyhose, for example. Allegedly women in the royal family are not allowed to have their legs bare. Seriously? No one wears pantyhose anymore.

But I’ve been fascinated by the palace’s rules on photographs for a long time now; how they release very limited “official” photos 0f the family for the world’s consumption. Which does nothing but make demand for more photos greater – and therefore gives the paparazzi a job.

I’ve always wondered, then, why they don’t just open up a family instagram account or something and post real pictures of themselves and kids. If they did that, they’d put the paparazzi out of business.

It’s funny, because this morning I came across an article that proposes the same thing.

And it gets me thinking about how the super famous are required to manage their lives in a very different way than I do.

Like, they actually have to have a social media STRATEGY.

Which I do, if you pressed me. I do not post about politics or religion. I do not debate issues or tell someone I’ve taken exception to something they’ve posted.

Facebook pictures I post (my pictures are set as friends only, the ones people tag me in are friends and friends of friends) are really just family and triathlon or race pictures and cute pictures of baby animals and memes and funny photos like this, which I love:


(Right? Is this not the most awesome quote? I kind of want to make this my cover picture, but there’s a lot of swear words in it and your cover picture is public. So I won’t.)

But, you know, I don’t have people clamoring over pictures I post. So I’m lucky that way.

It’s so much easier to have a social media strategy of none. But that’s not how the world works anymore. And if you really want to take away the power from the paparazzi, who have actually AND literally affected William’s life – then take them out of the picture altogether.

Open an instagram account and share pictures of your family on your terms, in your way, how YOU deem fit, Kate and William.

I will totally subscribe.

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2 Responses to We’ll Never Be Royals.

  1. Deborah says:

    I am totally fascinated by them, too. Like, what could it possibly be like to grow up a normal kid and then one day BECOME A PRINCESS?? For real. I remember realizing that she was never going to hold a paying job in her life. It’s so hard to fathom. And of course I felt the same way about Kate and the pregnancy watch.

  2. sharah says:

    I LOVE that quote. I need to print that out and carry it around with me.

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