Cats Versus Cucumbers.

This video makes me laugh more than it should; I watched it like six times yesterday.

(It’s totally suitable for work, in case you’re wondering.)


I had initally just planned on sharing it with you all today – that’s it.

But when I searched for it this morning, I came across a National Geographic article that uses the words “despicable” and “cruel” when describing the whole thing. A certified animal behaviorist even goes as far to say, “If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity.”

I suppose, yes, you’re startling your cat, which isn’t the kindest of gestures.

But really. We’re questioning someone’s humanity. Over a silly prank.

Because I’m pretty sure you can love your cat AND scare the crap out of them with a cucumber without losing your humanity.

Am I out of line in finding this video funny?

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3 Responses to Cats Versus Cucumbers.

  1. Catwoman73 says:

    I fully admit to trying it with my cat after watching that video. I guess that makes me a horrible human being, right? Lol… whatever.

    BTW, my cat just looked at the cucumber, and settled in for a marathon grooming session. She seems to have a much better relationship with cucumbers than the cats in the video.

  2. sharah says:

    OMG I loved that video. What I don’t get though, is how the cats didn’t know they were there! I would never have been able to sneak up on my cat with produce; they would have watched me coming from 2 rooms away.

  3. I think the video is hilarious! I wonder why so many cats are afraid of cucumbers?

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