#MicroblogMonday: Channeling My Aunt.


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(Also – new milestone: I am currently blogging from the passenger seat in my car. It’s not bad!)

One of the things I remember most about my Aunt Judy was that she wore slippers everywhere. She always wore the isotoner ballet slipper kind; they were shiny and satin and pretty. And she had tiny feet; when I was 10 I was able to fit into her shoes without issue.

I can’t be certain my memory is right, but I am pretty certain she told me that one of her favorite things about road trips was that she wore her slippers in the car.

Before we left the house on Saturday, I grabbed my slippers – sturdy LL Bean fleece ones with a hard bottom. I didn’t have space in my suitcase so I tossed them into the car.

And I discovered them last night when my feet were sore and I wanted to take off my shoes. Perfection.

I am now trying to convince Jeff that I need a pair of car slippers and a pair of house slippers.

It wasn’t until after lunch that I remembered Judy and her slippers.

And I love that there are things I still share with my aunt, even though she is gone 5 years now.

Love you, Aunt Judy.


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2 Responses to #MicroblogMonday: Channeling My Aunt.

  1. Mel says:

    What a great moment you captured. And as someone who just purchased new slippers because they make me happy, I am so with you on the idea of car slippers.

  2. noemi says:

    The other day I got half way to the doctor’s office before I realized I was driving in my slippers. I wouldn’t have thought much of it, except I had planned on doing a bunch of errands after.

    I ended up hitting Target, Carter’s and Old Navy in my slippers that day. It was some comfortable errand running. 😉

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