‘Tis The Season.

(The view from our table at an old mercantile-turned-artisan shop somewhere in Virginia.)

In the past few years, I have become disenchanted with holidays. All holidays seem to me overdone and commercialized- Christmas, especially.

I mean, it’s barely even November when I see the first decorations out in the stores. And it makes me roll my eyes and groan.

Any excuse to get people to buy more stuff, I think to myself.

I approach the Christmas season, then, with suspicion and a sort of dread. Another year of trying to resist the pressure to buy her something special like diamonds because every kiss begins with Kay and a new car with a bow on it because hey, let’s go into debt for Christmas, honey!

And I tell myself, very intellectually, that I am raging against the corporate machine. At least I am not giving into materialism!

That’s good and just, right?

But raging against the corporate Christmas machine means that I don’t really get to feel the joy of Christmas while I am preparing for it. It means that I shop for family and friends and make homemade gifts and send out Christmas cards and decorate the house… for other people. 

Which is so crazy.

I have been doing so many things mindlessly, I’m realizing. Celebrating Christmas has been one of them.

No more. This year, I am going to make a concerted effort to really experience this season. There is so much good about it: wreaths and ribbons, family gatherings, carols, cards sent to the people that mean so much to me, the smell of pine in my house, the softness of the lights on our tree, baking, eggnog. Monkey bread and coffee on Christmas morning, watching our son open the presents Santa left for him under the tree.

It’s time I find my Christmas spirit again.

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One Response to ‘Tis The Season.

  1. Turia says:

    I asked my family this year if we could stop exchanging Christmas presents (both siblings and both sets of parents) and everyone agreed. I feel about a BILLION times better about Christmas now that I am not obligated to buy people more stuff because they are going to buy me more stuff.

    E. is obviously still getting presents, but with everyone else I just asked that we try to spend more time together. I’d much rather put the money I would have spent on my family towards a week at a cottage together.

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