Week One.

It’s Friday, which means I made it through my first week of the new gig.

It’s been good AND bad. Mostly good, I think. Hard. Tiring. But good.

Because I don’t have a lot of bandwidth to think, and I’m thinking in lists right now, I’m hereby going to write for you my week in review in list form.

The Good.

  • They put me in an office with a desk that moves – I can work either standing or sitting. I LOVE having the flexibility to sit or stand while I work.
  • The office also has a window which looks out over a patch of trees, which is really nice.
  • The people are really nice, and the current Controller is super organized and detailed. They’re also really open to new ideas in terms of being more organized and documenting process, which is HUGE with the kind of work I do.
  • There’s a lot of work, but not overwhelmingly so. (Yet, anyway, haha.)
  • The work is engaging: I realized at one point yesterday that I had been working for 3 hours STRAIGHT, without a break in my focus. I cannot tell you the last time I did that with work. I had actually thought maybe my ability to focus was broken.
  • The office is a quarter mile away from the Minuteman Bike Trail, a paved trail that goes from here into Boston, basically. I haven’t been able to take advantage of it this week, but I will.
  • The gym I joined down the road from the office has towel service. I’ve been twice to swim in the pool, which has been awesome.
  • The commute isn’t nearly as bad as commuting to and from Boston. During heavy commuting times, it’s taken me about an hour to get home. Yesterday I was even able to leave at 5, a feat I wouldn’t even have attempted if I were still working in Boston.
  • The office has an amazing espresso machine, which I am currently enjoying. It’s so good that I can even drink coffee without milk. I had no idea that was even possible.
  • The finance team usually takes a quick break to eat lunch together on most days, which is so rare. And nice to take a few moments away from work to eat.

The Bad.

  • It’s been 4 years since I’ve worked full time, and we are kind of struggling to figure out how to allow me a full 8 hours a day with everything else that we do.
  • In order to make the schedules work, probably two or three nights a week I will arrive home during bedtime preparations and miss dinnertime. I love sitting down together and eating as a family, I and hate the idea that work gets in the way of it.
  • My workout time is even more compressed than it has been before now, and I am going to have to move stuff inside (like trainer work) AND do it super early or in the evenings in order to make it work.
  • I have no idea how I’ll be able to do longer workouts when real triathlon training starts.
  • We’ve lost the flexibility to do house tasks and whenever we wanted because one of us would be home pretty much every day. Now, it’s all going to have to happen at night or on the weekends. Or not at all.
  • Doing more stuff at night means later bedtimes, which means the super early wakeups are really, really hard.
  • I feel guilty having to ask Jeff to do more than he has in the past, because I know he’s juggling HIS full time work.
  • I mentioned our already-planned vacation trip to Arizona in February to the client on my first day. It did not go well; there’s pressure on me to either work on vacation, work longer hours in January in order to front-load the work so I can go away in February, or waste my time creating and maintaining a “project plan” so that I make the client comfortable I’m good with work and they don’t need me in February when I’m gone.
  • Likely it’s going to be a combination of all of the above. Which is frustrating.

But. Week one complete.

19 more* to go.

*Yes, this was originally billed as a 3-4 month engagement, but the Controller is currently scheduled to come back at quarter end close, and I’ve verbally committed to stick around a few more weeks to help her transition back. I’m anticipating I’ll be here until April 15 or so.

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2 Responses to Week One.

  1. Turia says:

    My teaching schedule next semester means I will get home after dinner two nights a week for the twelve weeks of semester. And there is a possibility I might get a third course, which would mean on one of the nights I would not only miss dinner but will get home long after E. is asleep. Which sucks, because family dinners are also a huge priority for me. But we do what we have to do, and (and this is the most important thing, I think) it is a temporary situation. Take it one week at a time, just like you have been doing.

    Have you thought about adjusting your triathlon goals for the year (moving how many you do, or the length, or when they are) to accommodate the requirements of the job? It may be something to keep in mind if things stay crazy. Again, it is a temporary situation. You don’t want to overload yourself if the goals you set for this year are not really manageable with this new position.

    Jeff will figure things out. I am sure there have been points where you have picked up more than your share- that’s married life. Again, temporary!

    Keep taking it a week at a time, and before you know it April will be here!

  2. Catwoman73 says:

    Our family only eats dinner together about three times per week due to my insane work schedule. I would certainly prefer it to be otherwise, but there’s nothing to be done. We’re accustomed to it, and honestly, it’s not so bad. We try to make the most of the time we do have together, and that’s the best we can do. Fortunately, this is a relatively short time frame, so you will hopefully be able to get back to those daily family dinners in a few months.

    I agree with Turia- It’s not a bad idea to delay any hardcore training until things settle down a bit. It sounds like you are sacrificing a lot of sleep as it is, and the two most important things for good health (mental and physical) are adequate sleep and clean diet. You won’t be any good to anyone if you are sick and burned out. I know how tough it is to put off goals that are important to you- our personalities are very similar, and having to delay races has nearly killed me in the past. But, that’s life, right? Sometimes things don’t work out as we’ve planned.

    Hang in there- 19 weeks is not that long! xoxo

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