The Awkwardness of Being Sick and Training for a Race.

So I have a cold.

It’s not a a bad one; I’ve really only had an incredibly sore throat for the past three days and a bit of a cough. And today, thankfully, it’s moved into my head, so I’m now in the sneezing/coughing/everybody OUT! part.

The more junk I get out of my body now, the quicker it’ll be over, I’ve been telling myself. I’ve been drinking tons of mint herbal tea and water, and I even made myself chicken soup – AND took a nap! – on Tuesday.

But it’s always awkward to be just a little sick. It’s obviously not the plague or flu, so I can’t justify being all dramatic about it by taking to my bed for days. (Which, as an aside, if I could get away with doing exactly that, I would. Jeff and I joke that I am the one in our relationship that gets man colds. I HATE being sick, so when I get sick, I do actually usually get all dramatic about it.)

I do feel crappy, and tired, and off my game, though.

I really hate being sick.

And then: I have my first triathlon in 6 weeks and I’m in the buildup for this race. I have workouts to on my schedule. But I’m kinda sick.

So then there’s the Training Question: Should I work out and sweat it out, or stay home and rest?

Don’t make the mistake of asking people what they think, because inevitably you’ll hear BOTH answers. Given most passionately.


Sweat it out!



This week, I took Tuesday off, when I felt really tired and my throat was killing me. I was back at it on Wednesday, going by the “neck and above” rule about training with a cold.

(Here’s a link to the rule, if you want to read about it.)

My heart rate has been nice and low during the workouts, which made it somewhat easier to ignore my burning throat.

Still, though, I feel like shit more run down than usual, so the past couple nights I’ve gone to bed early, skipping out on the regular busy work of Life Tetris. Dishes? Cleaning? Cooking? Ehhhh, it can wait. I need to sleep – I don’t feel well.

Awkward, right? I’m okay enough to run or swim or cycle, but not do dishes. Or clean.

Maybe having a cold isn’t that bad after all.


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3 Responses to The Awkwardness of Being Sick and Training for a Race.

  1. Deborah says:

    Sounds like a good balance. Maybe not for the rest of your family! But I hope you get better soon.

  2. Catwoman73 says:

    I never seem to get a little sick- right now I have a whopping case of influenza and have been spiking fevers for five days straight! But I think if I were training for a race, and didn’t have any of the big 3- fever, vomiting, diarrhea- I would keep training, like you , and put off all the other stuff (or get hubby to do it all!). Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. noemi says:

    Ha! I loved reading this today. I’ve had a sore throat for DAYS and I was wondering if I should work out of nap. I worked out, and then promptly abstained from all my daily obligations because, well, I’m sick! Haha! I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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