Adventures in Redecorating.

In Massachusetts this week, it’s school vacation. Instead of traveling like we usually do, we decided to stay home this week and finally give Owen a Big Kid bedroom.

Let me say this now: decorating gives me hives.

When I was pregnant with him, I was terrified I was going to lose him, and I didn’t want to do ANY decorating. His room was made a nursery by the grace of people who gave us stuff once he was born. My one splurge was a print of this Cassatt painting:


But I didn’t do much else, even after he was born. When he went through his space phase at three, we got stickers for his wall, and that was basically it.

And though I’ve been looking around his room for a while now, telling myself we needed to update it, it wasn’t until recently that I was spurred into action, when I saw how my best friend gave her youngest son a real Big Boy room. It looked great.

And oh… the Guilt.

We are fortunate to have a house where we have extra rooms – mostly because having only one child was not our plan when we bought our house. But the reality is that we have extra space, and we can – and should – give our son a space of his own. When I was growing up, my room was my sanctuary. Owen deserves a sanctuary of his own, too.

Which meant picking out paint colors and decorations and maybe some new furniture.

Did I mention that decorating gives me hives?

We loosely decided to go with a sports theme, since Owen is big into playing sports and it seemed less intimidating than any other theme I found on Pinterest. After spending a billion hours a half hour at the paint store, looking for paint chips, it took him 2 seconds to select the blue and grey he wanted.  We spent a ridiculous amount of some money on Fatheadz stickers for his wall, getting logos for the local sports teams – Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox.

But the piece de resistance: the lofted bed, with a desk underneath, which we procured at IKEA. Every day we have gotten the question: When will my bed be ready?

We’ve been painting for years all week, and FINALLY, as of today, we are nearly complete. One more coat of white on the bookcase in his room, then touching up the trim, and we’re done with the painting, and get to move onto Operation Put The Bed Together.

It’s in 7 different boxes and I’m certain it’ll take us a thousand years the weekend to do it, but by Sunday evening Owen should be moved into his new room.

(And yes, I promise I’ll post before and after pictures, too! I’ve been taking pictures the whole time.)

I have to admit this, though: As much as decorating gives me hives… Redoing his room has given me a fresh look at how we’ve been using the rooms in our house – or not, in our case.

We have two rooms which we never really created a PURPOSE for, and it shows. Those rooms are neglected and dusty and we keep the door shut and never really spend any time there. Yet, for example, we have spaces in our house that are crowded with too much for the space.

So I have some ideas for some more things I want to tackle when Owen’s room redecoration is done as well.

Which is kind of exciting, actually.

Do you like to decorate and redecorate, or are you more like me and it makes you anxious and annoyed?

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4 Responses to Adventures in Redecorating.

  1. Deborah says:

    Decorating makes me feel insecure, like I’m bad at it and everyone else is better. While I’m actually doing it, I usually enjoy it. But before & after, I am stressed.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, Deborah, that’s exactly how I feel!! I spent some time on Pinterest and was totally intimidated by how creative people can be when it comes to decorating. But the actual painting has been pretty fun. You nailed exactly why I dislike decorating.

  2. I don’t mind redecorating but it’s the money that is spent that stresses me out! 🙂

  3. Catwoman73 says:

    I despise decorating. We have been in our house for almost four years, and we have done absolutely NO decorating. I hate spending the money, and I hate spending the time doing it, when I could be out enjoying the day/week with my family. Hubby has been bugging me to do SOMETHING to personalize our home, so I’m gonna have to get at it sooner or later.

    Can’t wait to see the pics. I LOVE Ikea loft beds. I would have one for us if I could!

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