#MicroblogMondays: Looking For The Light.


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When I look around right now… I feel mostly scared.

Scared of the current political environment.

Scared of guns.

Scared of the palpable anger I see when I get online.

Scared I could lose my son.

Scared that people seem to be more likely to scream at each other from their well-defended positions instead of coming together to work on real solutions.

Scared of clickbait media stories, rather than real reporting of truth.

Scared that I don’t actually KNOW what the truth is anymore, because everyone has a bias.

Scared because I feel so powerless to effect any change.

Scared that it’ll always be this way, and I’ll never be able to use my voice or help make the world a better place.

I’m tired of being scared.

As I was writing all this fear down into my journal this morning, I realized the people I love the most on social media are the ones who post the positive messages. People like Anne Lamott and Elizabeth Gilbert and Glennon Doyle and Brene Brown and Kripalu teachers like Jess Frey and Jurian Hughes.

And it struck me: maybe there IS something I can do. Something small, yes, but something.

What would happen if I started posting positive stuff – for everyone, not the #humblebrag stuff about how lucky I am, etc etc – on social media?

What if I started a big metta, inclusive, positivity club, where all you need to do to be included is to have a beating heart?

What happens if I start putting love out into the world, beyond just in meditation? Could making someone else’s day a little better by reminding them how awesome they are for just BEING make the world a better place?

I feel like the more we love and share that love and look to the light, the less the fear will keep hold on our hearts. Trump and his supporters are scared. Hillary and her supporters are scared. The world is a scary place – maybe it’s always been a scary place.

But if we look out for each other and hold space for each other’s ideas and feelings and opinions and beliefs – no matter what that is – we can only make the world a better place.

The dark place will always be there, but there is also light. We just need to find it.

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4 Responses to #MicroblogMondays: Looking For The Light.

  1. DB says:

    Hamilton obsession aside, this is why I LOVE Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tweets/FB posts. He’s doing his part to put positivity out there as well. It’s like he’s trying to speak to each of us individually.

    I personally struggle, though, with the bits of positivity that are then turned into memes. For some reason, that loses the personalness/connectivity of the message for me, and I tend to not absorb these nearly as much as I would otherwise. No idea why I feel that way, but just something I’ve noticed over the years.

  2. torthuil says:

    What a great thought! I think the online world amplifies the fear by focusing our attention on differences rather than similarities. Differences are surely important, but when confronting even the most implacable ones I think it’s worth asking what can be our common goals.

  3. Mali says:

    This is a really lovely response. Yesterday, I realised I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that is happening too. I need to respond with love and kindness, as you are proposing, and not fear. Thanks!

  4. Mel says:

    It is a better response than avoidance, which is what I have done. So, yes, I avoid, but I didn’t do anything to make things better for the people who remain logged into the sites.

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