Life Tetris and End of Summer Blues.

And once again, I find myself apologizing for my blogging hiatus. We were on vacation at the lake last week, then Owen and I went to Canada to spectate at the Ironman Mont-Tremblant – I had 6 friends who were all competing, and it was wonderful to see them ALL for the weekend! But it was not ideal, timing-wise: we literally got home 15 minutes before Jeff showed up with my parents, who are visiting for the week.

So right now I’m playing an aggressive game of Life Tetris, trying to fit in writing, the last few weeks of half ironmman training, work, visiting with my parents, bills that I didn’t do last week (crap, I need to write a check to my contractor!), returning my overdue library books (ooooops), and all the back to school stuff we will need to do.

The first thing we need are Epipen refills. He needs three of them for school: one for the nurse’s office, one for his teacher to carry wherever they go, and one for the afterschool program. Every year we spend $1000 on them, thanks to our high deductible prescription plan. I had intentions on calling around this year to see which place had the cheapest pens, but I just don’t have the time. We’re going to go with Walmart and hopefully Jeff hasn’t spent the amount he sets aside in his HSA so we can buy them using that. But I need to make the call and get that coordinated.

Then there’s school supplies. Up until now, the teachers Owen has had have either sent a supply list via email or updated the class page on the school’s website. I’ve seen nothing from Owen’s teacher this year – her page is unused, and there’s been no other contact. The feedback I’ve heard about Owen’s teacher this year is that she’s very good with the kids, but not very organized, so this is going to be interesting. I actually don’t really care how she runs her classroom – Owen is smart and curious, and I know he’s going be okay no matter what – but it’s harder on parents like me, who prefer to be prepared ahead of time. I really don’t want to be running out on the first day of school for supplies.

Looks like it might happen that way this year, though. Sigh.

Then there’s clothes and shoes and all the stuff he’s outgrown from last year we need to get. Which I’ve been putting off, because I hate shopping for that stuff. As does Owen – he actually refuses to go shopping with me when I ask him.

But! My mother loves to shop, so I’m actually thinking of sending her with some cash to Kohl’s with him for this stuff this week. Hopefully he’ll be able to get a few things – pants and socks and underwear and long sleeved shirts. And shoes – he needs new sneakers, too.

As I’m writing this all down, I’m realizing there isn’t much cause for anxiety in this. It’s just stuff, and it’ll work out, and really, the only thing he NEEDS on the first day is his epipens.

I think it’s just the anticipation that’s getting me. I’ve really enjoyed the extra time we have in the mornings before we have to get out the door to camp, the warm weather, the early light in the morning, the flexibility we’ve had with bedtime.

That all changes next week when school starts. It means it’s fall, with colder weather and shorter days and winter hovering right around the corner.


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  1. Turia says:

    So on the one hand I am so ready for school to start because having E. home all summer while P. is so new has been a challenge. But I also feel what you feel- I love later bedtimes and spontaneous trips for ice cream after supper. And I love love love (especially with P. now in the picture) not being rushed in the mornings. Dreading having to sort out that new routine.

    It will all work out! Can you buy clothes online? I buy almost everything E. needs online and he likes to pick things out on the website.

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