#MicroblogMondays: Analyzing Broadway.


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My current car playlist: the soundtrack from the Broadway show “Kinky Boots.” I saw the show a few years ago with my aunt and uncle when it was just out of previews and I really loved it. There’s so much GOOD in it: the up tempo music, the lesson of tolerance for others, self-acceptance, pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, trying to meet family expectations… all of it.

I’ve really needed it lately, so I’ve been listening to it basically non-stop in the car.

Owen is getting into it, too. Which makes my heart happy, since I have an unabashed love for theater and Broadway that I’d love to share with him.

Except it’s like a game of 20 5 billion questions whenever we get in the car together to listen.

Who’s singing now? What happened? Why is he sad? Why shoes? How old is he? Has he met [the other character] yet? Why does she say, “Carry on!” What’s he talking about? What did his dad die of? Why are they fighting? Who is singing now? Why do they love shoes so much?

We can’t even get through a 10 minute ride unless I explain ALL the specifics of what and why and how. With every song.

It takes away a little of the magic, I have to admit.

But yesterday, he said, Mom, you know something? I listen to these shows and I really like them and it makes me want to SEE it. Can we go see Kinky Boots sometime?

I love that he’s getting into it, too.

(I’m just going to make him sit next to Jeff.) 🙂

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  1. Mel says:

    Cracked up at the last line. I love it when they ask questions AND THEY KNOW THE ANSWER BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT PART OF THE QUESTION. Did I have to scream that? Yes.

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