New Year, New Goals.

Until a few years ago, my new year resolution-setting was a study in perfectionism. Every year I’d make myself a To Do list of all the things I’d do to better myself in the coming year. I’d lose weight, tackle a marathon, write every day, meditate, yell less, stop eating sugar. Et cetera, et cetera et cetera, ad nauseum.

I started to recognize the pattern: create list of Things I Need to Be, write it down, put it into practice, ideally in December, so I could have head start on the new year, and then working on all the things I don’t like about myself until I either hit the goal or felt so shitty about myself that I gave up on the idea.

So I gave up the practice of making resolutions for a couple of years.

But my fall and early winter has been so crazy and hectic that I feel like I’ve lost sight of what’s important to me – it’s buried under all the to dos and busyness. And I have been feeling like a ship without a rudder lately.

So it struck me that I could use this time, right now, to re-set my intentions for the coming year.

My goals, then:

  • To be more mindful about where I spend my time.. and make the time to write daily.
  • To be more intentional about the kinds of food that go into my body.
  • To meditate daily, no matter how hectic.

More on how I got here to come, promise. 🙂

In the meantime, Happy New Year to all of you!



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