#MicroblogMondays: Cultivating Hope.


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I just discovered this Washington Post article, even though it’s been out for a few weeks. In it, a DC-area unitarian minister talks about three different ways to cultivate hope in a the new year.

I’ve actually been struggling with this for a few years now; balancing a need to be aware of current events with the hopelessness I feel every. time. I. read. the news.

So I really love this idea that hope is an intentional practice, like lighting a candle in the dark. It fits really well with my goal this year to be more intentional about where I spend my energy, too.

One of the biggest things I’m working on right now is actively changing my perspective. Because I’ve found that I have a pretty damn negative, mean, and judgy voice inside my head who’s been allowed to manage my thoughts and worldview for wayyyyyyyy too long.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to be hopeful when you’re focusing on more of the positive and feeling grateful.

(Also, it’s pretty eye opening to realize that negative and hopeless was my default setting.)

Does this idea of cultivating hope resonate with you? How do you practice hope?

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4 Responses to #MicroblogMondays: Cultivating Hope.

  1. I am also focusing on changing my perspective – I too tend to have a negative voice inside my head that manages my thoughts and worldview; it takes a lot of self-training and perseverance to change it but I am finally trying. Things will only be crap if I think they will be! It’s easy (for me, anyway) to have a piece of bad luck and then use that as an excuse for everything else being bad in your life: this is what I sometimes struggle with. Good luck for 2017! #MicroblogMondays

  2. em says:

    I am actively looking for ways to put hope in the world. I actually have a plan around this, one that I’m still working on, but a plan nonetheless.

    Thank you for this, it’s very timely!

  3. Mel says:

    Well… on a day that 16 JCCs in America had bomb threats called in (yes, 16 JCCs in one day), and our county board of ed had to issue a statement about respecting all religions due to the swastikas being drawn on our schools, and our friend had his car egged and a note left behind was a yellow star at the word “Jude” across it… yes… all this on one day in one of the most liberal areas on the East Coast… I don’t feel a lot of hope.

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Hope, years of infertility will do that to you. I’m re-reading Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in The Dark and just like she says: hope is an embrace of the unkown. We’ll see…

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