#MicroblogMondays: Words.


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I promised in one of my posts that I rarely talk politics on this blog, and I’m holding to that – you will not hear how I feel about current events (though if you know me, you can probably guess how I’m feeling).

But I need to talk about words today.

We live in a day and age where it’s incredibly easy to communicate in words. We write it down opinions in Facebook posts, which start arguments discussions with our friends. We post pictures on Instagram, we tweet whatever it is we’re thinking. It’s instant: we have an opinion or thought, we post a picture and/or write words into some social media site. Then we move on with our day, feeling better, like we accomplished something. Our words are out there – people know how we feel. Awesome.


Right now, for me, the words that people are putting on social media feel like incessant buzz of pain and heartbreak and anger and judgment. Sometimes funny, sometimes not, there are so many words and opinions about politics that I’m having a hard time finding my center. I see intolerance on all sides – an unwillingness to listen and try and understand where each side might be coming from, each side vilifying the other, talking about how wrong everyone else is.

Angry words, sad words, judgmental words, screamy LISTEN TO MEEEEEE! words. Maybe it’s because, as a writer, I love words and want to read and consider all of them… but right now I’m drowning and lost.

And the thing about words: If they aren’t followed up by actions… they’re just words, cluttering up social media sites.


If you feel strongly about what’s going on in politics right now, put those words to work.

Take action.

If you are in the United States, then join a daily action group like this one. Donate time or money to a group that does good things for immigrants and women and the Earth and children and refugees. Make telephone calls to your representatives and senators and national organizations.

Get out. Make calls. DO something. Put your words to USE.







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  1. Mel says:

    One thing that has helped me is to practice the call once before I make it. I’m not great at speaking with strangers in general, and this gets me over the nervousness. There are 1000 ways to help. People just need to find the way that works for them.

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