Kittens Adjusting.

Okay, okay, I admit it: I’m a cat person.

Having kittens in the house brings me real, actual, laugh out loud joy.

I spent the first day they got home snuggling with them and taking pictures of them and playing and thinking, wow, this cannot be any more perfect.

We had to color code them, because it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. Luna has a pink polka dot collar, while Lily has a plain pink collar. And that first day, they were total lovebugs and adorable and snuggly with me and Jeff.

Finley was out with the dog walker, who kept him nice and late so we could allow the kittens to get used to our house and the family. Super nice, right?

Except the kittens had a full day to roam the kitchen floor with no big tongue chasing them around.

So when he showed up at 9pm, all of a sudden I had two tiny grey hissing furballs on my hands.

Apparently they did not like our dog.

And because he’s Finley, and he has an anxious, nearly obsessive need to be loved by everybody, we had to separate him from them.

Cue sad-faced dog, whining incessantly Pleaaaaaaaaasssssse can I just PLAY WITH THOSE TINY THINGS because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Not Perfect.

Slowly, though, we are getting used to each other.

Luna is our loudmouth, meowing whenever she’s hungry or confused or wants attention. She’s also completely unflappable and an intrepid explorer, striking out to find new things to look at. She prefers for you to pet her nice and slowly on the top of her head and head butts you AND rubs her face on yours when she’s giving love. She was the first to be like, Okay, fine, you weird smelly big golden thing, go ahead and sniff my butt with Finley.

Lily, on the other hand, is much more skittish; hiding from loud noises and too much movement and whenever the dog comes downstairs in the morning. Ironically, though, she’s the one who instigates wrestling matches with her sister and will lash out at the dog with hissing and spread claws whenever he blunders into her way, like Tiny Wolverine. She will purr and snuggle with pretty much anyone. Except Finley, of course.

That said, this morning, we had a moment, where she actually LET FINLEY SNIFF HER.

It’s a big deal.

They sleep together every night and during naps, all snuggled together. They run around like insane things together. They fight and groom each other and they are just so damn cute I can’t even deal.

After years of telling myself it was okay that I didn’t have a cat, it’s so amazing to have TWO of them. I love it.

Some pictures:

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