A Weekend For Me.

How is it only Thursday?

Longest. Week. Ever.

This coming weekend, I planned a solo backpacking trip – my first in nearly 10 years. It was the perfect weekend for it – Jeff would be home after a week of travel, we had nothing on the calendar, and it’s the very beginning of my training cycle for my next half ironman, so missing a weekend of triathlon-specific training wouldn’t be a big deal.

I was SO looking forward to the weekend. Silence and nature and hiking and getting away from everyone and filling up my soul… so perfect.

Then the weather intervened. Up north, it’s going to be a whole weekend of rain and wind and colder-than-summer temperatures.

The whole weekend.

Not my cup of tea.

The weather here is going to be okay, though.

So I decided, okay, no backpacking. I’ll just stay home, do my regular triathlon training, spend time with my family. I mean, it’s totally good. I’ve really missed Jeff this week, and it’ll be good to hang out as a family.

But I was really, really disappointed, too.

I spend most of my days playing Life Tetris, juggling all my responsibilities: work and parenting and being a wife and house chores and training and sports and being social. It’s my life and I really do love it, but it gets draining trying to fit it all in sometimes, especially when Jeff is traveling.

I could really, really use some me time.

So, with Jeff’s okay, I decided to implement Plan B… and booked a room on Saturday night via AirBNB in Northampton, MA. The weather there looks okay, so I’m bringing my bike and I’m going to do my long(ish) bike ride on Saturday. And write. And sleep. And I’m going to visit the Peace Pagoda and Montague Bookmill and Emily Dickinson’s grave and the UMass campus to see the newly renovated Chapel.

(No doubt I’m going to feel old, like my time at UMass happened to someone else, and I’ll note ALL the changes to campus and town. It has been 20 years. Eep.)

It’s not exactly the same as backpacking for three days – only one night away. But hopefully on Sunday when I get back to my family, I’ll feel a little more refreshed and ready to tackle another couple weeks of Life Tetris.





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