Bedtime Magic

Made it to Thursday! Woooo!

The weeks are LOOOOOOOOOONG when Jeff travels, not going to lie to you.

But I’ve discovered an interesting little fact: I actually sleep through the night when he’s not here.

This is a big deal, people.

I NEVER sleep through the night. I’m usually good for at least 2 or three wakeups a night; bathroom breaks or changing my position or being too cold or too hot or just general waking up.

Last week, the first night I slept through the night and first woke up at 5:30 – with my alarm – I thought it was a fluke.

But I’ve done it pretty much every night since.


Um, go travel some more, Jeff!

I’m going to put it on the bed. We have a bed and frame that I’m pretty sure we bought when we moved into our house nearly 12 years ago. It’s perfectly comfortable, but I do feel it whenever Jeff turns over.

And he’s wiggly. There are many nights where he’s completely asleep but JIGGLING HIS LEGS. You know, like that nervous thing someone does when they hate to be where they are, that foot wiggle thing? Yeah, he does that in his sleep.

So my current theory is that I can feel his sleep jiggling, and it wakes me up a tiny bit – not enough that I’m aware it’s him, but enough that all of a sudden I’m awake and I have no idea why.

I’m going to test it this weekend, of course – he’ll be home tonight! But I bet it’s time for a new mattress.

Meh. I hate mattress shopping. Do they have any where you can’t tell you’re sleeping with someone?

Do you sleep better when your spouse is away?




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  1. Chris says:

    Tempurpedic. Those commercials withone spouse jumping and a glass of wine on tje otjer side? Yes ma’am it makes that kind if difference. Neither my husband nor I sleep great. He has asthma and a strange work/sleep schedule. I have had chronic severe pain since i was 18. Last year we used his bonus to by a really good adjustable bed. Both of us and the puppy all sleep better and oart of it is exacrly that. Tje other part is positions but we truly love love love our bed. And because it was a king? We each got to pick tje exact firmness we wasted witj no settling or compromise.

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